Case Fixing in Minnesota

CASE FIXING? In Minnesota? Yes, nearly ALL cases these days are churned for the benefit of the attorneys and fixed for the benefit of the state.

Thanks for visiting. I have been victimized for 5 years in Le Sueur County, and am now being ganged up on in Nicollet County. The judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, human services, and others, are running an enormous racket to extort from the poor, young, old, ignorant, pro se, and criminal defendants. And, the county commissioners, city officials, and state officials, are either involved and are on the dole or are looking the other way because the racketeering brings in more federal funding than is deserved. If you have witnessed anything or have any information that will help my family in our cases in either county, or if you are also a victim and would like me to include your case in my correspondence with higher authorities, please Email Me. I will be updating the "Case Fixers" tab soon.


My five children and I are victims of extensive case fixing, fraud on the court, and obstruction of justice in Colorado and now in Le Sueur County Minnesota. We have been separated for nearly 4 years and cut-off from all communications with each other for over 2.5 years. The state is pursuing me for payment of child support that they all know I have paid-in-full. They have spent hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of YOUR MONEY to undermine my attempts to reconcile my account because they know that I have more than enough evidence to put them all in jail.

You are also being ripped off by the State of Minnesota. State officials are fleecing local citizens, especially parents, defendants, property owners and business owners, under color of family law, tort law, and also in our criminal justice system. They are FIXING CASES to pad their numbers for federal funding. They are cheating the American taxpayer to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars per year.

Unfortunately, the state has found some willing local judges, county attorneys, and other public officials, right here in our local communities to do their dirty work for them. In fact, they have incentivized the case fixing so much over the past few decades that the counties actually compete with each other to increase their portion of the blood money.

FIND OUT who is cheating the system here locally. To see what the case fixers did to my family, see our videos and websites in the right-hand Sidebar. If you would like to sponsor my family in our lawsuits against the state, are a victim of case fixing or know someone who is, or are just a concerned citizen learning about the local corruption for the first time, email me here

The State of Minnesota is being run like a MAFIA and corrupt local officials are their HITMEN.

LOCAL CITIZENS: Your property taxes are way too high; you pay too much in local sales tax; and if you are a business owner, the case fixing is costing you HUGE. We are all financing the state's racketeering right here in our communities.  


     In family law cases, unscrupulous judges, attorneys, "Child and Family Investigators", Guardian-Ad-Litems, Therapists, Child Support Enforcement (CSE), Child Protective Services (CPS), Sheriff's Department and Police personnel, and all others connected to family law, target the 'breadwinner', usually the father, to take a fall for their cause. They pit mom against dad in a "custody battle". They paint the dad as a bad parent and "fix" the record in the divorce, so they can lower the dad's parenting time and thus jack-up the child support order. They encourage the soon-to-be 'custodial parent', usually the mom, to call 911 and make false reports to police, obtain restraining orders, deny visitation, alienate the dad from the kids, etc. If the breadwinner falls on hard times, they deny modification of his child support, suspend his driver's license, prevent him from hunting, fishing, and many other forms of recreation, and do many other things that don't seem reasonable, knowing that they can always jail him and make money through the prison program.

In my family's case, the case fixing started right away with my kids' 'mandatory' viewing of a film called "The Purple Family" in which dad decides to change his color, divorce the mom, and start a new life without the kids (whoever thought of this should be shot). My wife called 911 even though I had never harmed her before in my life, but she had been violent with me. She immediately received a 'Mandatory Criminal Protection Order', which she faxed to each of the schools, sports clubs, girl scouts and even our Church. While I was in jail, she went to the courts twice to get further restraining orders for the kids, but was referred instead to a woman's shelter where she registered as a 'battered woman' and enrolled each of our children in free state-paid counseling sessions to help them 'cope in a family with an abusive father'. This all happened just in the first couple months of the divorce. I could go on and on.

     In the criminal justice system, prosecutors and judges intimidate defendants, who are ignorant in the law, to take plea deals, and then impose stiff fines and sentences that will benefit the county and state. The defendant is called in for meaningless hearing after meaningless hearing until they give up and take the deal so they can get on with their lives. If the defendant will not take a plea deal, they are maliciously prosecuted no matter the expense to the citizens. The local judicial perverts will even send an innocent person to jail to teach them a lesson if they fight back like me.

The malicious prosecution in my case is really wild because the case fixers know that I know what they are doing and am not shy in calling them what they are: "Criminals". Despite knowing the basic facts and controlling law requiring dismissal of the charges against me, 2 judges, 2 county attorneys, 2 child support enforcement caseworkers, several officers with the local police and sheriff's departments, and many others, have continued to pursue me for payment of a known undue debt and a known fictitious obligation.

LOCAL PARENTS: The State of Minnesota is racketeering in family law to increase their numbers for federal funding. They are systematically destroying families. Everyone is entitled to due process and the equal protection of every law of our Land, including family law, but few are getting it. If you (or friend/relative) have been through a divorce and did not get equal time with your children, equal decision making ability, equal share of the marital assets, etc., you are a victim of case fixing. Our government is responsible for the over 50% divorce rate, as they are purposely driving this SCAM. 

LOCAL CHILD SUPPORT 'OBLIGORS': The State of Minnesota is cheating the federally funded child support enforcement program. If you wanted equal custody and didn't get it, the local officials likely lowered your parenting time so they could jack up your child support order, as there is HUGE money involved in the collection of child support. If you have ever been denied review, adjustment, modification, verification, or reconciliation of your "Title IV-D" child support account, the case fixers violated your rights to federally mandated due processes, which is a federal crime.

LOCAL DEFENDANTS (civil or criminal): The State of Minnesota is encouraging local officers of the court to frustrate you into taking unfair plea deals. Regardless of your innocence or guilt, they will call you in for endless and meaningless hearings until you give in to their "settlement offers" and they will intimidate you in a variety of ways. If you are indigent, they will increase their efforts to frustrate you and will even intimidate your public defender to help them throw the case against you. If you (or friend/relative) have ever been sucked into the criminal justice system here in Minnesota and have been subjected to things that don't feel right, you are probably a victim of case fixing. The state is 'laughing all the way to the bank' because even if you don't take their plea deal, they've already likely benefited from federal funding in the domestic violence, law enforcement, and/or prison programs. And, if you fight back like me, they will even send innocent people to jail to teach them a lesson.

LOCAL PROPERTY AND BUSINESS OWNERS: The State of Minnesota has been increasingly fleecing you for decades. Your property taxes, sales taxes, business taxes, etc., are way too high. When the local case fixers get caught like in our case, they pull out all the stops and attack the victim with your money and with the full power of the State. They will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to bully and defeat someone like myself that discovers what they are doing and exposes it. And, they won't stop until the victims give in and accept their "offers" and plea deals, or flee, or commit suicide. They cause the suicides of 1000s of parents and 1000s of children each year. Sure, the local officials may be able to obtain more state and federal funding then our community deserves, but they are just going to spend it on their gigantic bureaucracy - the citizens won't see a dime of the blood money.   

Case Fixers are Criminals.

EVERY LOCAL, STATE, OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE that engages in fraud on the court, perjury, subornation of perjury, accessory after the fact, obstructing justice, influencing the proper administration of law, processing fictitious obligations, extortion, mail fraud, honest service fraud, falsification of documents, alteration of records or accounts, witness tampering, and any other act that undermines due process and equal protection rights in family law, the criminal justice system, or any judicial or administrative proceeding: a) Should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law like any other criminal; b) Should be immediately fired and forever banned from holding another government position; c) If licensed to practice law, should be disbarred; d) If appointed or elected as a judge, should be impeached or recalled; and e) Should receive punishment and sentences appropriate for the severity of their crimes, such as life in prison.

THERE ARE SEVERAL CASE FIXING CRIMINALS RIGHT HERE IN OUR LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Please make it known that you do not want the State of Minnesota's blood money. Please join me in putting the local criminals in jail where they belong. Regardless of how long they have lived in our communities, if they are fixing cases, they are ruining lives and should be publicly exposed and run out of town. Please SPONSOR my family in our lawsuits against the State.

I Love You Kids - Hang On.

My Family:

          My wife and I grew up in St. Peter. We have known each other for over 35 years, were in a relationship for 22 years, and were married for 15 years. We moved to Colorado in the early 1980s. We have 5 children.

          Our last name is not posted online for the protection of my children. Click on the "My Family's Case" tab for more information.

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